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ZILDARS HAVE HACKED INTO THIS WEBSPACE before and redirected the some of my links that are supposed to be supplemental information about Zildars and Aracleons! If you identify any inappropriate or incorrect links PLEASE NOTIFY ME AS BELOW as soon as possible so I can make change them. Thank You!

no zildars!!!

ZILDARS look like Human beings but They Are Not! They are controlled by ARACLEONS, their masters from a Dimension that we can not see. Zildars may or may not fully conscious of their actions in service of the Aracleons. It is believed that higher-echelon Zildars are aware of their part within the Aracleon Conspiracy and will deliberately do everything they in their power to further the Aracleon cause.

Zildars may once may have been Humans, or at least are Humanoid replacements for actual Humans who have may be taken by Aracleon forces. There are few indicators to distinguish Zildars from normal real-life Humans. The easiest way to distinguish a Zildar from Human is by examining the Septum. Zildars are KNOWN FOR HAVING DISTINCTIVE DEVIATIONS TO THE SEPTUM. The Septum can be identified because it is on the nose. It is the in-between the nostrils part of the nose, most of which is hidden from view but part of can easily be identified by sight. If you see person or people whose Septum seems peculiar, beware of them because they might be a Zildar.

Examples of Known Zildars of past and present includes Former American President Gerald Ford, Xfiles Creator Chris Carter, Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, Scientist Stephen Jay Gould, Athlete Peggy Fleming, Author Louie L'Amour, Former First Lady Ladybird Johnson, New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Russian Oil Magnate Viktor Vekselberg Actor Mel Gibson, Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs, Celebrity Courtney Love, Business Tycoon Donald Trump, Talk Show Host Joan Rivers, and most professional hockey teams including the coaches, infact most professionals skaters of all kinds, it must have something to do with the Zambonies. Inventor Issac Newton was almost certainly a Zildar, maybe even EARLIEST ONE known as was Pope John Paul I, General Custer Walt Disney and the Poet Wordsworth. Zildars also KNOWN to control many business services in consulting such as Quality Seminars for companies. I don’t know much about Zildars in many other parts of the world but if you confirmation (PROOF) of other Historical or current Zildars please email me so I can add them to the list.

no zildars!!
EVIDENCE! The proof is in the piechart!
Zildars have a Secret Agenda. Their Agenda is to increase the control of exerted by Aracleons in order to gain favor with them. As mentioned before in this page the Aracleons are never seen, as they move in a different dimension than is invisible to the Human eye, However they are believed to sometimes take the form of giant invisible spiders. Here are more ideas of what the Aracleons might look. What exactly is what do the Aracleons want we do not know at this time, however it seems to be relates to Human Sex and controlling the Human species by Sex, whether to use them (us!!!) as a food source or just cheap labor for their empire’s projects and Public Works. (But with what kind of public Works can be invisible it’s hard to imagine how to still work on them)!

Without Zildars help it is believed that Aracleons are helpless and would just shrivel up and die, or maybe go back to their own dimension. That is the goal of the secret Zildar Resistance or Anti-Aracleon Resistance as they sometimes known as. Some Human individuals seem to have a special sensitive to Aracleons even though they can not be seen or identified as such. Gifted Humans known to be able to sense Aracleons are also usually possible to identify Zildars on sight! This is very useful in the Resistance against Aracleon dominance and these Sensitives are highly prized valued and respected in the Anti-Aracleon and Anti-Zildar struggle

Examples of well-known Humans today that believe or known to be Sensitives and thus key Heroes in the Anti-Aracleon Movement include: News Caster Walter Cronkite (former Leader of the Anti-Aracleon Resistance!), Actress Jody Foster, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, Artist Robert Rauschenberg, Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, ASPCA President Edwin Sayres, Actress Charlize Theron, Espcisopal Bishop Gene Robinson, Writers Dave Eggers and Ann Rice, First Lady Laura Bush,, Tennis Star Andre Agassi, Queen Rania of Jordan and most Super Models (female) still in teens or up to the 20s.’

But even though Sensitives can tell who Zildars they can’t do much of anything about them by themselves. They need special power from other sources of other specially powered people to really fight back. The thing that is most useful in reducing the affect of Zildars and Aracleons is Sex Power that is not controlled, mostly by young people in the teen years or as late to mid-20s’. This is because since Aracleons keep on their controlled version of Human Sex, when it’s uncontrolled it is a big threat, and is might even blows off their heads from their Spider Bodies! (But with Zildars it doesn’t blow them up, but it just annoys them, so they don’t want to be around). And Human young people having sex behavior have the most Sex Power against Aracleons, especially when it’s not sure whether they’re are Bi-Sexual or not. Bi-Sexual teenagers have the most power strong powers against Aracleons followed by Gay and Lesbian Teeagers, and then Heterosexual Teenagers. This fact has been know for several decades to indeed be fact: Sex power is the Most Powerful Weapon against Aracleons that we have, to keep free of Aracleon control! So parents make sure your teen agers are having lots of Sex Time even it just by themselves so they can make Huge Aracleon Free Zones with their Sex Power! That’s why I live in a University town after all, as to be in one of Aracleon Free Zones with all the young kids Sex Power going on!

Remember, Aracleons can’t get where Zildars are not. So, if you repel the Zildars it’s almost a sure guarantee that you’ll safe from Aracleons too!

But if no teenagers are

But if no teenagers are not a teen ager and don’t have the kind of Sex Power energy all day to get rid of the Zildar and Aracleon influence, or you can’t live near a big school full of young people don’t worry, there’s still some hope. You can buy a (or even make it yourself, if you’re handy!) a Zildar Repulsion Badge, which is pretty much guaranteed to repel all Zildars from coming to within Ten Feet of you! You wear it on your wear it on the front of a hat, pinned so it can beam out it’s Repulsion Signals. And if any one touches or comes closer within ten feet of while you’re wearing it is pretty sure that Person is Human and not a Zildar! I make a good version of the Badge and I invented this technology, so if you want to buy one a Zildar Repulsion Badge from me they're for sale for $7.95 a piece, just email me and ask:

no Zilaars!@!

It come with Instructions and all the details about I know about Zildar tactics and the Aracleon Menace. Plus how to increase your Sensitivity to Zildars (friends, family, Co workers and so forth) so you can be sure you’re as safe from Zildars pretending to be as so-called People you care about.


THANK YOU TO THE NICE FOLKS AT CLUBBO (they’re real Humans not Zildars, at least I’m pretty sue!) for LETTING ME HAVE THIS WEBSPACE since I got kicked off by Univ. Cal Santa Cruz web page the server where I was before (THEY ARE ZILDARS FOR SURE even if they’re are in a University!!!!!)